Official Fuzztastic Planet Fest 2015 film released

Here’s the first-ever exclusive look inside Fuzztastic Planet Festival. This beautiful film, shot & cut by the amazing people at G.N.P. Productions, perfectly captures the colors, the feelings, the vibes of our summer music celebration!

We decided to upload the film in the YouTube channel of MrStonebeliever (, to back his ongoing support of the underground music scene and declare our opposition concerning the recent copyright strikes by certain labels against him. If this music that we love is blooming today, it’s because of guys like Stoner Meadow of Doom, 666MrDoom and him, who spent all their spare time sharing it with the world without any compensation (and actually benefiting labels as well). So, yeah, a big thank you to those people. You have all our support! As the old man said, times are a-changin’ and record companies above all should know it.

Watch the film now. Get experienced!