Comasummer will bring a summer breeze at FPF 2016

We’re proud to introduce a brand new psych rock sensation,Comasummer!

Proponents of a creative DIY philosophy, they were formed in 2014 by Plamen Pechin and Vladimir Lalov in Sofia, Bulgaria, starting out as a duo and later growing into a five-piece act. Comasummer’s hallucinatory sonic blend mixes loud fuzzy guitars, descending straight from the 1970s groove palette, with the sunshiny organ-infused psychedelic melodies of the 1960s. Expect nothing short of an emotionally charged live show, filled with hazy atmospheres and trippy visuals.

Listening to Comasummer’s debut EP is making summer feel way closer, although early winter:

Gorgeous poster created by Desislava Ivanova & Emanuela Belovarski.

Comasummer by Desislava Ivanova & Emanuela BelovarskiCo